The Producers

As a producer organization, we stand by the proverb “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Lusomorango brings together the work and production of more than forty shareholders. We believe that the concentration of resources in a professional management model, focused on growing the best fruit, results in clear global benefits for producers, workers, consumers, the community, and the environment.

Our organization assembles producers with different profiles and dimensions, proving that union is strength: together agricultural producers benefit from economies of scale, share best practices and know-how, and can quickly reach the destination markets of our small fruits.

The convergence of small fruit producers in Lusomorango allows the development of market studies and analyzes so that the best agricultural practices oriented towards sustainability can be adopted. It boosts research and development of new production processes in association with the academic community, while enabling the provision of technical assistance in situ and ensuring integrated management of by-products. This pooling of efforts also guarantees the minimization of production risks and market risks.

The set of services that Lusomorango provides to its members, and which has been strengthened since its creation, has allowed the permanent improvement of its production units, while a management team oversees all other business dimensions such as storage, refrigeration, logistics, technical, commercial or administrative.

Together, we make a difference!