Raspberry is a fruit of multiple drupes(drupelets) closely united around the receptacle. Raspberries usually have a round conical shape and each of the drupelets consists of a juicy pulp and a single central seed The Raspberry belongs to the Rosaceae family, Rubus genus and Idaeobatus subgenus. This subgenus comprises about 200 species, with red and black raspberries being produced on a large scale.

Portugal has regions with excellent conditions to produce quality raspberries, being able to ensure their availability for the fresh market, for longer periods of time, if producers use appropriate production technologies, like protected crops with appropriate cultivars, different planting times and densities and, in everbearing raspberries, different harvest dates for the crops of the year.

The growing demand for raspberry is due to its freshness, attractive appearance, pleasant taste and aroma and nutritional value, which allow to innovate and recreate ways of use.

Source: INIAV

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