Our Organization and its producers have, along the way, actively participated in the social response of the territory. There are many producers who, individually, decide to support social projects and do so on a regular basis.

In collective terms, Lusomorango is a highly active link in society.

Lusomorango has a workforce of thousands of workers of more than 30 nationalities, scattered throughout the different geographical areas in which it operates – Alentejo, Algarve and Ribatejo.

Our presence is mostly felt in the municipality of Odemira, in the Southwest Alentejo, so it is the one where we invest the most in terms of social actions. According to a study carried out by the Universidade Católica in 2017, Odemira’s GVA (Gross Value Added) amounted to 192 million euros and the direct and indirect effects of horticultural products on Odemira’s GVA amounted to 95 million euros (a weight of 49%).

In terms of employment, the direct and indirect effects of the fruit and vegetable sector in the municipality are estimated to be 6.000 individuals – a number that may represent 35% of the total number of jobs. In other words, agriculture is the economic engine of this Alentejo municipality and is even the most dynamic one. However, like many others, this municipality has low demographic levels. Lusomorango has paid particular attention to people arriving in the municipality and who are absorbed by the job offers that Odemira has managed to boost.

Foreigner workers are very attracted to this territory so the municipality must have a response of acceptance and integration. Following the example of the various instruments that the Social Action Fund of the Odemira City Council already has, several companies, Lusomorango included, have been joining these municipal responses adding other instruments or developing existing ones.

In this area the CLAIM project (Local Center for Migration Support and Integration) and the Giramundo program stand out. While CLAIM focuses on the arrival, giving these citizens the first contact with the territory and its various instruments – legalization, family reunification, health units, financial services, etc. – the Giramundo, a cultural, recreational, and informative project, tries to cover the second moment – the moment in which these citizens face the natural beauty and the people of Odemira, offering them all the tools so that their integration process is fast and successful.