Message from the President

Welcome to the Lusomorango website, the largest Portuguese producer organization in the fruit and vegetable sector, in terms of turnover.

We are currently more than forty agricultural producers, focused on the small fruit sector: raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and strawberry. Portuguese fruit of outstanding quality that delight millions of consumers in Portugal and in dozens of other foreign markets.

As farmers, we believe that it is through innovation that we will be able to move toward an even more sustainable future. We work daily to produce more, in a rational and knowledge-based way, always striving for excellence in each harvest, so that the impact of our agricultural activity is reduced and even, if possible, produces positive environmental externalities. At Lusomorango, we have the ambition to be increasingly circular in the form of production and increasingly clean in the energies we use.

This is our vision for the territory, in which agricultural values are decisive for generating economic value and employment and are compatible with other equally important values, such as the environment and nature, heritage and landscape, people and culture.

“From the land with future” is our signature. With our feet firmly grounded on the same land where our plants have their roots, we look to the future willing to do more and better.

Luís Pinheiro, Chairman of the Board of Lusomorango