Conference Cycle Portuguese Catholic University – Lusomorango

Apr 1, 2021

Conference Cycle Portuguese Catholic University – Lusomorango
Strategic vision for agri-food – “Know to decide, Plan to act”


  • Conference cycle with the participation of experts dedicated to the sustainability of agriculture in its environmental, social and economic aspects

Odemira, April 1, 2021 – The Center for Applied Studies of Portuguese Catholic University and Lusomorango, the largest Portuguese producer’s organization in the fruit and vegetable sector, in turnover, will promote, on April 7 at 4pm, the third of four conferences dedicated to the “Strategic vision for agri-food – Know to decide, Plan to act”.

“Social Integration, Generational Renewal and Territorial Cohesion” is the theme of this third conference that will discuss issues such as the opportunities and challenges of integrating migrants into rural areas, temporary and permanent solutions for housing agricultural workers, the importance of population settlement and resources in rural areas in a world of accelerated urbanization and agri-food as an economic engine in the rural world. Rural development policies and positive discrimination of the rural world as a positive contributor to combat climate change, carbon policy and biodiversity enhancement will also be under discussion on the third moment of this initiative. Under discussion will also be the corporate social responsibility and the role of the agri-food sector in the social and solidarity components, employment, growth, gender equality, social inclusion and local development in rural areas promotion, and the attractiveness of young farmers as a facilitating factor for businesses development in rural areas.

Philip Martin, Professor Emeritus of Agricultural and Resources Economics at the University of California, Davis, will be keynote speaker in this session, and Ysssel Barajas, director of human resources at Reiter Affiliated Companies (RAC) will present the RAC’s Philanthropy Program. 

The program also includes a roundtable that will bring together Sónia Pereira, from the High Commissioner for Migration, Inês Santos, External and Business Relations of Mercadona, Humberto Marques, Mayor of Óbidos, and Mercedes Jaffé, Social and Environmental Initiatives Manager for Europe and Africa in Driscoll’s. 

Get to know the program of the 3rd Conference here.

The conference will take place in a digital context and to participate all you have to do is access Jornal Economico’s website at

Strategic vision for agri-food – Know to decide, Plan to act

The Conference Cycle “Strategic vision for agri-food – Know to decide, Plan to act” will focus on themes associated with the excellence of Portuguese Agriculture in the context of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union and will bring together national and international experts in a plural and open debate on innovation and digital transition and agriculture sustainability in its social and economic environmental aspects. 

The context created by the European Green Act and the From Farm to Fork Strategy provides the opportunity for these debates aiming to build paths and solutions that make the Portuguese Presidency an important milestone in the Common Agricultural Policy.

These conferences intend to be a space for reflection, debate and presentation of good practices which highlight the role that Portugal can play in the European context, and also serve as support to guide decision-making and action processes by public authorities and private initiative, toward a greener, more resilient and more prepared Europe.

How to leverage the agri-food economy by matching all the values and constraints involved and how to use innovation and technology for more production, with less impact and resource use, in a stable and predictable manner, allowing investments and attracting foreign capital are some of the questions for which this initiative aims to find answers. 

The relevance of this issues and the intention to build a Portuguese Presidency legacy on the vision of agri-food for the future also led Portuguese Catholic University and Lusomorango to press ahead for the continuation of these initiatives in the countries that will then assume successive presidencies of the European Union, in particular, Slovenia and France.

The Conference Cycle “Strategic Vision for agri-food – Know to decide, Plan to Act” is an initiative of Portuguese Catholic University and Lusomorango, with institutional partners such as CAP, Portugalfoods, Portugal fresh, COTHN and AHSA, with the support of Millenium BCP and Jornal Económico as media partner.